Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cursing, Teeth, Pillows and a Priest: what you get when we can't find the camera charger

Well I'm starting to consider asking all those out there in the internet to check their house for the cord to charge up our camera cause I sure can't find it in my house! It must be around here somewhere, but we're having a heck of a time finding it. So in the meantime I'll just have to post boring old text without cute Nicky pictures. Darn.

Speaking of "darn," Nicky can now say:
"Shit!" (when the bowl he was holding shattered at his feet)
"Damn it!" (in frustrating traffic)
"Crap!" (when I realized his changing pad he was lying in was all sandy)

I admit, he's actually learned the first and last ones from me. I've got to watch it! We try hard not to react at all when he says a choice word, but he's not forgotten them yet. I'm pretty sure no one else could understand him when he says these, well "damn it" was pretty clear, but hopefully no one else will notice.

Aside from his ever-expanding vocabulary, he's also finally gotten another tooth. The bottom one just left of the middle two broke through in mid-January and we think the one on the right will soon come in.

Yesterday we had the priest from his church over for dinner to bless the house. Tom cooked shrimp fettuccine and spinach with pine nuts and we had bread and salad too. Even wine with dinner! It was really nice. Nicky was very sweet of course and went to bed without a hitch.

The other night we decided that it was time for Nicky to have a pillow. He's been using his stuffed animals as pillows and so we thought he was ready. We took a nice squishy one with zippered case and put another case over that. He looks so cute lying there on his pillow! Of course when we go check on him he's usually perpendicular in his crib next to his pillow, but it's a learning process. We thought we'd do this first and then transition him to his big bed later when we're ready. Ready being when we have some other place for company to sleep besides the bed in his room.

Hmm, how's that for a post. Sheesh. Hopefully we'll find that cord soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweeties!!! Sounds so nice about your priest coming to dinner and Nicky's progress with his new tooth and pillow too.
Now about the cursing ---keep ignoring it and replace it with other
words "said with emphasis" like "beans"! that was the only curse word I was allowed to say when I was growing up. Your Aunt Leslie(who was the sensitive 'squeaky wheel') got a real curse word --one of yours that starts with C.
Anyway, you all are doing an excellent parenting job so relax and enjoy the journey and though I
personally am suffering from Nicky pics and movie withdrawal--I am a big girl and will wait patiently for you to find the cord. :)
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!