Monday, January 14, 2008

Someone Somewhere Really Must Like Us

Well today at work I get a frantic message from Tom to call him ASAP. He usually doesn't leave me a message like that, so I was worried. I tried calling him back but the line was busy (no caller ID because I'm a penny pincher). I checked the bank account since I always assume crises have to do with money but it looked ok. I IM'd him but he had the computer off.

Finally I got through to him and found out that he'd very nearly been in a head on collision today. He and Nicky were on their way back from playing at the playground in the mall when a man in a van coming the other way sideswiped our SUV with his driver's side mirror. Then the guy kept crossing over the line and totally crossed the entire lane behind Tom to slam full speed into a concrete utility pole, breaking the pole in half.

Tom and Nicky were fine, and Nicky wasn't even scared. Tom stayed calm and pulled over and then went back to where the guy hit the pole to wait for the police and EMTs. He gave a statement and watched the guy get extricated out the rear of his van. He said the guy was moving, but the front driver's side wheel was jammed back up into the cab he hit the pole so hard. That could have been Tom and Nicky if it had happened a second sooner!

Tom was fine till he got home and then he was really shaky realizing how close a call they'd had. But he was a good daddy and held it together at the scene for Nicky who was entertained by all the sirens and trucks that came to the scene.

There was a write up in the paper shortly after the accident. I hope the guy is ok, but DAMN! That could have been so bad for us! Tom figures the guy must have fallen asleep or been under the influence or something to wipe out that bad. He doesn't think the guy hit his breaks at all before hitting the pole.

We're just really thankful tonight that someone was looking out for Tom and Nicky.

Update: There was also a write up in the student paper that seems more detailed. Scary stuff!

Updated story in the Sun here.


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord you all are safe! I am so grateful to God for keeping you all safe! Always in my thoughts and prayers and with bunches and bunches of Love to all three of you,
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :) ><>

Dina said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I almost called you in a tizzy this morning when I saw this on the cover of the Alligator, but I figured (a) everyone was fine according to the article and (b) everyone else would be doing the same so your phone would be crazy busy and you'd be tired of talking about it.

Hugs all around!