Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is a big day!

Remember back when I wrote about how you can have breast cancer without a lump? That was inspired by Wondermommy over at Toddler Planet. She has been fighting IBC-Inflammatory Breast Cancer- since last summer and is just now, today, in a few hours or minutes, having a double mastectomy. She had to go through a lot of chemo to fight back the cancer far enough for surgery and it's been a long difficult road. She has two little boys who are counting on their mommy to come home soon and be there for years to come. Send up some prayers and positive thoughts for her to come through this surgery strong, for the cancer to have clean margins and for the surgeons to get all the cancer.

And if you haven't read it before, read it now. And if something seems a little funny get thee to a doctor. Because you can have breast cancer without a lump.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Ones!
Still basking in the sweet glory of being with my oldest daughter and her beautiful son, my grandson,"Nicky-doodle"!
Had such a wonderful time!
Last night as I crawled into bed I had the last reminder that Nicky had been here--a soiled diaper,ha! guess we had forgotten that one in the middle of the night--right Angie! Anyway, just kidding around--cause dirty diapers and all Nicky is the
Sorry to hear about the mother going thru breast surgery today but I am praying for her complete recovery so she can get back to her wonderful sons to raise!!! God's will be done, in this situation; and all our love and best wishes go out to her and her family this day and always.
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)