Friday, January 11, 2008

Cool tool for comparing the candidates

This is a neat tool to compare the candidates. If you click on the different issues it will show a little bit of the blurb about their views. But if you click on one of the candidates names it shows their whole blurb and then you can select another candidate to compare them side by side. Cool.

Not that my vote counts in the primary of course since I'm in Florida and the DNC stripped our state of delegates. Still pissed about that. GRRRR.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie! Thanks for the interesting link.
:) Love the new movies of Nicky. Miss you all and look forward to a visit up there or here very soon,ok? Are you all coming for Liz and Jodi's confirmation? It's on Jan.20th---coming up soon.:)
Finally got rid of that Christmas cold thing, hopefully you all are
well now too.
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!