Monday, June 05, 2006

This is starting to become a tradition

Ok, yesterday, Sunday, we lost power. Again. What is this? Does the entire staff of Clay Electric go to church Sunday evening and turn off the power to all the atheists who want to stay home in the a/c and play their Xbox games and surf the net? Sure seems that way.

Anyway, this time we just stuck it out at home for the 2-3 hours it took to get power. It wasn't as bad this time since it had been raining a bit and the sun wasn't coming in the windows so brightly. But Nicky was getting pretty warm. So we gave him a nice bath and he really enjoyed it!

Then the power returned and we were all able to sleep in peace. Well, except for Tom, who is on binky-duty all night on weeknights. I did it Friday and Saturday night so don't feel too bad for him now. ;) On that front, Nicky has now spent every night since last Thursday in his crib all night! He's really good about it as long as someone helps him out when his binky escapes. I can't wait for his hand/eye coordination to improve! I've read that playing video games helps improve hand/eye coordination in kids, so we've started a training program to speed things up:

I'm not sure it's helping yet. But we'll keep trying.

Nicky's Grandmommy and Granddaddy from Georgia came down to visit on Saturday. Nicky was terribly cute the whole time, which was to be expected. ;)

Here he is with Grandmother #4 (Think he has enough?)

And with Grandfather #2 (Much more manageable number I'd say.)

All in all, I think Nicky enjoyed the visit. Hope they come again soon!


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