Monday, June 26, 2006

Traveling for the weekend

We went to Tom's mom's house this weekend. It was very nice! Donna watched Nicky while we went to brunch at Oystercatchers and it was just wonderful to be so spoiled for a few hours! We spent most of Saturday at Gayle and Thad's house visiting. We hadn't seen them since Nicky was only a few weeks old. I think they like him...

Colin was facinated by Nicky and said Nicky was his "best friend," he was "so cute," and he was "precious" and "beautiful" too. I actually only got one picture of them together. Gayle snapped a few, so maybe I'll get some to put up from her. (Hint-hint!)

I did snap a few photos of Nicky in his new "Bumbo" chair. It's a great invention that allows babies to sit upright all by themselves as soon as they can support their heads. Nicky loves sitting up, so I wanted to get one for him. He loves it! I'll put up a photo as soon as we figure out how to get it off the camera card. My computer won't read RAW files, and for some reason those photos were taken in that format. So more photos coming soon! Oh, and I put up a bunch more photos on the Photobucket account. Click "Nicky's Photos" to see them!