Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alberto has come and gone

And other than losing power for a few hours we did just fine. It rained really hard and the wind blew very impressively as the bands passed over us. We lost power probably around noon-ish and had it restored by 5-ish. The wind and rain helped keep it cool enough and we did get to fill up one of the bathtubs with water so that we could have used that to flush toilets and stuff if needed. We had plenty of water and formula and some non-perishable foods so we were ready for a longer outage. BUT we won't complain! I was awfully glad I had the day off since I would not have wanted to drive in that weather! That would have knocked me off the road for sure! All in all it was a relatively uneventful storm for us, thank goodness! Now let's hope they're all that mild this year!

Here's a photo from NOAA of the storm. Alberto never did make it to hurricane status thankfully!