Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day was fun!

First, I just have to show you how cute Nicky looked on Father's Day Eve.

How cute is my baby?

Anyway, on Sunday we had a lovely brunch over at Tom's Dad's house. JM and Donna cooked up a storm! I mostly just cuddled my little munchkin and then finished his blanket that I've been knitting since before he was born! I'll have to take a picture and show you.

Tom got 5 Father's Day cards! A card from me, one from Nicky, one from Sampson, one from Abbey and one from Benjamin. 5 cards! I finally decided on his gift too. We're going to go to Oyster Catchers next weekend. It's a restaurant in a hotel near Clearwater Beach that has a Sunday Brunch buffet that is just amazing. It's expensive though (28$ each) so I usually won't let him go, but this is a special occasion, and I knew he'd love it. (And he did! He's very excited!)

After brunch we headed home and Tom got to take a special Father's Day nap. Then we took a little walk after the rain. It was fun!

We walked down to the barn and the 'girls' came over to check out the new guy. Nicky was pretty intrigued by these ladies.

All in all a fun day.

New photos on the blog! Nicky just started watching TV this week. Donna was here visiting (and it was sooo nice to have her watching Nicky during the nights! Tom and I actually got to sleep in the SAME bed together for the first time in 3 months!) and she was watching the morning news when I noticed Nicky was WATCHING the TV! So Donna picked up a Baby Bach DVD for him and Nicky and Daddy were watching it this morning. (I took a few pics, and I think you might suspect these guys are related somehow...)


Anonymous said...

xxxooo bunches and bunches!!!!:)

So glad Tom had a nice Father's Day! We thought about you all and wished we could have been with you last Sunday too.

xxxooo love you lots and lots,

Grandmomma :)