Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day is coming up!

Well this Sunday is Tom's first Father's Day! How the heck am I going to top what he did for my first Mother's Day?? I don't think there's any way to do that! I have a few ideas for gifts, but I don't know how much I can spend. Maybe we'll go out for brunch since he probably would rather not eat my cooking. (Heck, I would rather not eat my cooking...rubber eggs anyone?)

Here's a pic of Nicky doing his favorite game with Daddy. Stand up - Sit down. It's a blast for him!

That was taken on Wednesday (hurricane day) evening. Those are his Pooh PJs. He looks so big in them! He's already on size 2 diapers and I don't think it will be long before he's in size 3's! I've got to get a new weight on him. He must be well over 15 pounds by now. But what a sweetie he is! He's starting to vocalize a lot more now. He says "Ah-goo" to me a lot. I just love this baby!


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to Tom!!! He already has the best present ever and that is a wonderful wife and a super terrific little guy to love him forever and forever!

Lots of love to you all---really enjoyed our last visit so much---Nicholas was so cute and so much fun --he simply took my breath away!