Friday, April 02, 2010

Doctor's appointments- It's all good

So Wednesday was our day of appointments.

First Nicky's 4 year old checkup. He's 42.5 inches high and 41 pounds. (He's already wearing the 5T jeans that Gayle and Colin brought for him at his party!) I swear he shot up a good 2 inches in the last few weeks since his birthday. Everything checked out great, and he's been declared a healthy boy! She was very pleased. Only suggestion is to have him follow up with his allergist before the babies come.

Then we went to the ultrasound. Nana was with us, but she took Nicky down to feed the ducks and have some lunch since the ultrasound rooms are tiny. We were able to see both babies. Baby A was kind of diagonal with her head right down near the exit and her feet up on my left side. Baby B was side to side (transverse) with her head to my left and her feet to my right.

She was able to get all the measurements on Baby B, but only the abdominal circumference and femur length on Baby A. But even without the head circumferance on Baby A they are both measuring right about 30 weeks. Since I was only 28 weeks 5 days, that's pretty good! They are both measuring at over 3 pounds each already. Both still have room to move and plenty of fluid too. All good news there!

Then we headed down the hall to the OB appointment. While we were waiting, Nana and Nicky came back from lunch. Nicky had gotten to feed the ducks and even saw a bunch of baby ducks. Very exciting stuff! He flirted with a little girl in the waiting room, playing peek-a-boo and telling her all about transformers (which is his latest thing).

When it was our turn we went back and the three of them waited in the doctor's office for me to do my thing. I've gained 60 lbs. (Well technically 59, but close enough.) I considered being upset, but it's really just a number right now. It's all for the babies and I know I can lose it all over again on weight-watchers when this is all done and my healthy girls are here. My blood pressure was a little high for me, but still fine. But when I had her check my iron (which was 10.2 if you recall before the iron infusion, exactly 2 weeks before) it was 9.7! Even lower! The nurse said that couldn't possibly be accurate, and later the doctor agreed that there must be an issue with either the machine or it's just not as accurate as a bloodtest would show.

Then we went and talked with the doctor. He's happy with the babies' growth, and with how I'm holding up. No more noises about bedrest, so that was good. I reported what the pulmonologist said about the asthma not being bad and it being a combo of the anemia, babies and asthma. I ran the inhaled steroid medication and dosage by him and he was fine with that. And he said I can go back on Prilosec OTC. (Which I have starting that day and it's helping so much!) So all good news there too! Nana asked how far along we could expect me to get before the babies have to come out, and he said with their growth, he would say 36-37 would be great. 38 if I can get there, but he sees no reason I can't get to 36-37 weeks at least. Excellent!

So Wednesday we rode a high and enjoyed a day's worth of good medical news.

I'll leave you on that happy note for today.


Elizabeth said...

Great news!

Hmmm, right between 36 and 37 weeks would, I believe, be right on my birthday!

That would be so cool.

Jodi and I are looking forward to coming up during week 34!

Love you bunches and bunches!