Monday, April 05, 2010

Results- It's all not so good

So all good news on Wednesday. But we didn't have the bloodwork results from last week yet.

I called Thursday to ask if they'd gotten the results yet. On Wednesday the nurse had thought they should be ready and so she was going to call the lab and see if they were. Sure enough she called me back with what she had.

First, I failed the Glucose Tolerance Test. I'm not actually surprised as that morning I'd asked Tom to take my fasting blood glucose and it was 185. Granted I had gotten up at 5am to eat something, but it had been 3 hours since then and it should not have been that high.

Second, they did check my iron on that blood draw and my iron levels were just about where she'd tested them during the appointment (hematocrit of 28) so I AM still horribly anemic, which is just freaking disturbing!

Third, she didn't know how to interpret the titers for Fifth's Disease, but she did say the IGG was negative. That's the one that tells you if you have immunity. So I am not immune to Fifth's. She didn't say what the IGM was though, and that's the one that tells you if you've had a recent exposure/infection. So either I do have it or I don't. Not the best news to hang my hat on.

My OB is out of the office till next Wednesday, but the nurse messaged him with the lab results. I figure we'll see what he says to do next.

My guesses are:

On the Gestational Diabetes, I think doing the 3 hour test is useless. We tested my sugar again this morning and it was 170 after not having eaten since midnight. Still way high. And I've been on 1000mg of metformin this whole pregnancy. We might first try increasing my dosage of the met and see what that does, or we might move straight to insulin. I'm not sure.

On the anemia I took the initiative Friday to call the hematologist's office. I'd never gotten the results of the B12 levels so I thought maybe those were low and while I have the iron I maybe still can't make blood cells yet. Turns out they apparently haven't gotten the results yet from the lab. We'd assumed the results were fine since they hadn't called. Apparently that was a mistake. Should have called them before. Anyway, it was only the receptionist I spoke to, and she could see where they'd sent it to the lab, but not the results. She said it might just be that she's not able to see them, so she left a message for the nurse. I called back today, but the only news was that the info was forwarded to the lab manager. Hopefully I'll hear more tomorrow.

So maybe I'll have to do the B12 shots, or maybe more iron, or maybe it's something entirely different. I just don't know.

The weird thing was I thought I was feeling better. I figured the anemia was surely starting to resolve. Now it appears that's not the only thing wrong with me though.

I'm trying not to dwell on it and have a pity party, but it was so disappointing to get all this not-so-good news on the heels of such a great OB appointment. Wednesday still seems a long way away. And part of me thinks that this news is going to be the thing that makes my OB say that enough is enough and I need to stop working. That's going to be a really hard thing to do. But I'm really throwing myself into getting things settled and getting replacements set up for my duties at work, just in case.