Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Eggs

Today is the day before Easter and so Nicky and I spent the morning dying Easter eggs. We'd gotten this neat new kind of egg-dying kit that could make speckled eggs. Basically it was straight food coloring in packets. There's a little tray so you can have one color in each compartment, and then you use these little sponges, the size of fingertip, to pounce the color onto the eggs. Nicky much preferred to smear the color all over the eggs though. Much more gratifying.

The eggs are beautiful!
Our beautiful eggs

I couldn't get a photo of our hands right afterward because they were covered in dye. Nicky's were practically black with it. We washed our hands a few times, and then I put Nicky in a bubble bath to soak while I looked up on the internet how to get food dye off skin.

After much soap and water we were down to this:
Nicky Before

I couldn't picture getting him to sit still with lemon juice, vinegar or bleach solution on his fingers, and those sounded pretty harsh too. So I went with the idea of washing our hands with shaving cream. Ideally it sounded like you should let the shaving cream sit for 5 minutes though. So I had Nicky paint with shaving cream on the walls of the tub.

Painting with shaving cream

After the shaving cream treatment I'm not sure it made much difference. Maybe because it was shaving cream for sensitive skin or something.

Nicky After

Guess we'll have colorful fingertips for a while. Aw well, it's for a good cause.