Thursday, September 04, 2008

Take a Hike Ike.


New photos up for August! Just in time for September to roll around.

New-ish things for Nicky lately...

Not only can he take off the safety doorknob covers, he can also open the really complicated gate we had on the den and had moved to his bedroom. This is the gate that adult visitors always have a hard time with!

When we moved that complex gate to his bedroom door, we bought a cheapy plastic gate for the den. Well he can just pull that one right down now. Super.

He likes to tickle daddy, mommy, the dogs, toys, etc. He'll say "Tickle Daddy" while he's tickling Tom, "Tickle Abbey" for Abbey, etc.

He had a little jewelry box of mine full of old earrings that he played with for a while. They were his "treasure!" (said with a pirate accent of course) We finally took them away since they were so small and he's still into putting everything in his mouth. But Grandma and Grandpa got him a toolbox of his own and he just loves stashing things in it. It mostly seems to hold his binkies.

Speaking of binkies, I don't know if we're ever going to get rid of them. He just won't sleep without them. We finally gave in and bought a few new ones. So now he somehow has about seven of them. Not usually all at once though. There were 8, but one was run over with the lawn mower. Oops.

As for Tom and I, we started our graduate programs last week. They're all online at FSU's College of Information. So far so good! I hope the rest of the semester goes as smoothly.

Well, on the tropical weather front, we did just fine through Fay here. All our family seems ok so far too (with the big exception of Juliet's car). Gustav also missed everyone, although it looked bad there for Tampa for a moment. Somehow they dodged the bullet again though. I am very glad that NOLA didn't get hit too terribly with flooding. Thankfully Gustav slowed a bit before landfall and landed a little away from them.

So now we're looking at Hanna, Ike and Josephine. All in a row. It seems Hanna will miss us. Maybe she'll send some rain up Georgia's way though. They could use it. Ike looks very ominous though. Already a category 4 storm and headed for the Bahamas. I feel for those islands. Man, they can't catch a break! They've been pounded by Fay, Gustav and Hanna already. Looks like Ike is headed right for them. Maybe Josephine will peter out before she reaches them at least.

Anyway, we'll be watching Ike, and if it looks like he's headed for the family down south, well you all just head up our way! Tom's already said if Ike's headed in towards us, even though we're high and in the middle of the state, we might be leaving town. We'll see what happens.