Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally rejoining the wireless world

Well we'll work on calling everyone who might need to know, but just in case we haven't told you yet, Tom and I are canceling our landline phone and now have two cell phones again. After about two years of no cell phones, this is a big step.

This time we hope it will be MUCH cheaper. We went with the cheapest AT&T plan for two phones. It's only 450 minutes or so, but they roll over and our calls to each other and anyone else on AT&T don't count towards that. Also, calls after 9pm and on weekends are free too. Since we rarely talk to folks during the day I think we'll stay within our minutes. All told it should cost 60$ a month, plus tax.

To make up for this new bill, we're canceling our landline and cutting back the cable to just the most basic plan. That should save us about 70-100$ a month on the Cox bill. We'll see how it all comes out in the wash.

If you need our new numbers, email us and we'll get them to you.