Sunday, September 07, 2008

So, what did we do this weekend?

We had a very busy weekend. Our financial aid finally came in so we were able to pay a lot of bills, put enough in savings to give us a little cushion for food and stuff over the rest of fall, and buy something that will hopefully save us cash over the long run...

Sorry for all the photos, but I know Tom will enjoy seeing these on here. He's really thrilled with this car. I'm just happy it met my goals: Comfortable space in front, room for two carseats in the back, and good gas mileage. Oh, and the price had to be right of course. We paid almost half down, and the other half will be paid off in Spring. That will be nice.

So that's what we did Saturday. I am uploading a movie of us getting in the car to go to dinner right now. We celebrated by going to TGI Fridays for dinner. I think in the end, Nicky would have rather stayed home though. He prefers a PBJ (which is what he calls them now) to just about anything else.

Now today, we got up pretty early and did a lot too. We first went to Sunday breakfast. Then we were headed to the mall so Nicky could play. On the way we stopped at Rooms to Go where I put in a special order for bed rails. These will enable us to use the head and foot board that matches Nicky's dressers. They'll arrive on Friday and only cost 20$ which was awesome. We're planning to set this bed up in the den to make it the guestroom soon.

After that we headed to the mall. We got there about 15 minutes before they opened, so we pushed Nicky around the outside of the mall in the stroller for a while. Then we went to the salon where I usually get my hair done. I've been wanting to get a perm for a while but we had to wait till our fall money came in. It's kind of a late bday present to me.

They had an opening right away, so I stayed there and Tom and Nicky went to play. They were gone about an hour, but I was still getting wrapped. Nicky needed a nap, so we decided that Tom and Nicky would go home and rest and I'd call them when I was done. It took about 1.5 hours to wrap my hair, and then the processing took another hour. Then the cut took another bit. Pretty soon it was already 3:30pm when I was calling Tom to pick me up.

While I waited for him to arrive I went to the Clinique counter and bought a lipstick and brow liner. Nothing like a new hairdo to make you realize your eyebrows are invisible! That was such a splurge to buy makeup somewhere other than the drugstore!

Then on my way to go splurge on a bra I ran into Tom and Nicky. They came with me and I was able to buy myself one more bra. I only have one that I like, and so of course they've discontinued it. But they found the last one in my size. Yay me! Two whole bras!

Hmm, bra, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perm and a volvo. I am so spoiled.

After that we headed to dinner at Nicky's Grandpa & Grandma's house. We had spaghetti, and I think Nicky ate more of that dinner than he has of anything all weekend! He just loved it.

By the time we got home it was after 9pm and time for bed. Nicky went down without a fuss. He's been really doing well the last few weeks and sleeping straight thru the night. Finally!

Oh, and on a side note, remember all the trouble we had with him and the Houdini poopoo messes? Well, since we moved him to his toddler bed we haven't had any trouble. Apparently by giving him the freedom to either come to the gate to call us or play quietly in his room, he no longer feels the need to strip down and paint. Thank goodness! I'm recording this here so that we can remember this if we have another baby who does the same thing!

So anyway, now that I've totally put off doing my homework for about an hour, it's time for me to actually get busy. Grad school isn't going to finish itself!


Lisa said...

2 carseats??? Did I miss something?

Also, A-men to the one "good" bra problem. Ugh! What does the world have against people whose chests weigh more than their children? HA!

Your day sounded absolutely perfect! I'd love a day full of beauty and splurges!!! Not to mention a new car!