Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art, Education, Travel, and an Anniversary

Nicky wasn't too enthusiastic about paint if you remember. And crayons, well mostly he likes to line them up and stick them into things. Pens too actually.

But I think we've finally found his


Happy Anniversary to Tom and I! Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. I'm really not sure how it's possible it's been that long. I mean, I'm not possibly old enough to be married that long am I? Weird.

But what's really weird though is trying to imagine our lives together before Nicky came along. It seems like such a different life. And really, not one we miss.

For our anniversary Tom gave me a nice card and sent me flowers at work. I had picked out three different cards for Tom and hid them around the house for him to find. I'm so very sneaky. One was in the microwave under his keys, one was in his nightstand under his morning medications, and one was hidden behind the window blinds in the living room. Tee hee.

We went out to dinner (Tom and JM conspired and she babysat to give us the night out) and had sushi. What a treat!

Then we went to two shops we just can't go to with Nicky: the bead store and the little shop next to it that is filled with all sorts of imported fair trade art. Tom got a carved statue from India and bought me two pottery birds from Peru.

Then we stopped at the public library and checked out some books and movies.

And we were home before 9pm. Man are we pathetic or what? But we had a great time!

Grad school is cranking along for Tom and I. One of my classes is extremely demanding though. I think I'll make it, but it's a lot more work than I'd expected. Luckily my other class seems extremely easy in comparison. The good thing is that this really hard class is in web design, so I should make good use of it. Our group is designing a website for this statue/memorial. Pretty intimidating project, but I think my group can do it.

We're taking off for a long weekend to visit family, and we'll be taking the laptop to try to stay on top of our coursework.Later in the fall we're actually taking an entire week off to go to North Georgia. We're renting a house with my mom and Liz and Jodi, and it should be a lot of fun, a real vacation! We're very excited. The house we're renting has wifi, so we'll be taking the laptop for that trip too.


Speaking of taking a long weekend, we're finally getting down to south FL to visit my mom's side of the family. My grandfather isn't doing too hot, and we want to get down there to see him and let him visit with Nicky if possible. Hopefully he'll be feeling up to it. Nicky's a pretty energetic fella!

And he's a pretty emotional little fella too. I took this movie when his Nana left after this last weekend visit. Poor little guy!


Jann said...

Emmy LOVES drawing on windows too - with ANYTHING that makes a mark.

Happy Anniversary!!!!!