Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How does someone even DO that?

So today I took the bus to work and home.

I got up by myself and rushed around to get ready. Didn't even have time to kiss my sleeping sweethearts before zooming out the door. But I had breakfast and lunch packed, a book to read in case I got stuck on the bus in the afternoon, and was dressed with my walking shoes on.

It was only at about 10:30, while talking with two coworkers about a new piece of equipment that I said to my self, "Wow, these pants have deeper pockets than I remembered."

And then, "Hmm, they seem awfully far forward."

Followed a few nanoseconds later by, "Oh crap! My PANTS are on BACKWARDS! Quick, take your hands out of your pockets, keep talking and make sure your shirt is covering your pockets."

Yeah, that was me. At work nice and early, saved money by taking the bus and saving gas, and wearing my pants backwards.

By that time I figured, what the heck. So I just wore them that way all day.

And you know what? Those were some mighty nice pockets to have in the front. Very roomy and deep.

New fashion trend maybe?


Lisa said...

So funny! Please tell me they were elastic waist pants!

Karen said...

That is too funny!