Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nervousness and a Wetting

I applied for a new position today. GAH! I was doing really well at being all calm and cool about it until I hit the "send" button. I agonized over every word of my letter and essay, but felt pretty good about the resume I'd already made for my grad school application. I didn't have anyone proof my essay. I should have, but I didn't. Argh!

Ok, time to let it go. Breathe.

Woosh. Ok, I'm better.

So Nicky is getting baptized this weekend. Is this a big deal? I haven't really been to a lot of baptisms. Actually none I think. Well, mine I suppose. But I was like 2 and have only seen a few photos of me with my godparents that I don't even remember.

It's no secret that I'm not really a religious person. Spiritual, yes I think so. I've always felt fine with my own ideas about morality, what happens after we die, the meaning of life and all that. But I've not really been into going to church or anything since I was a kid.

Well last year Tom joined the Catholic church here in town, and that's ok. I don't mind going. It's nice, I like the people, and they're pretty liberal here (right across from the university, so they kind of have to be I think) and Nicky loves playing in the nursery. It's his only real playtime with other kids right now, so that's really good for him.

Tom had brought up about a year ago that he wanted to have Nicky baptized, and I'm cool with that. But I didn't really plan any big party or anything. We're going to go pick up a white polo shirt and shorts on Friday to put on Nicky after the wetting, but I'm not spending a bunch of money on a fancy outfit or anything like that.

My sister Elizabeth is coming up to be Nicky's godmother (hi Liz!) and Tom's friend from church is going to be the godfather. That's something we didn't know. Only one of the godparents has to be a practicing Catholic. the other one just has to be a practicing Christian. Liz is Episcopalian and she'll be a great godmother. And Tom's friend (also named Tom, hi Tom!) is very nice too.

So we have the godparents who'll be up there on the stage (I'm sure there is another name for that) and at this church they usually do full immersion, even on babies! We saw one with two babies (about 7 months and 12 months) a few weeks ago and I was really surprised! I couldn't imagine them getting Nicky to cooperate with that, so Tom finally just asked if they'd do the head-wetting bit instead. They said they would. Whew. Hmm, I wonder if we're supposed to bring a towel...

Anyway. So we have my sister Liz coming, and she's bringing my mom (hi Mom!) that's a 4 hour trip for them. Tom's mom is coming (hi Donna!) that's about a 2 hour trip for her. Tom's dad and JM are coming (hi guys!) that's about a 40 minute trip for them. But it wasn't till last weekend that I realized maybe this is actually a big deal kind of thing and I should have sent announcements or invitations or something. Would my dad want to come? That's a 7 hour drive! Is this really a big thing? So now I'm feeling guilty for not even telling my dad or sister Jessie (Hi Dad and Jessie!) about the baptism in time for them to arrange to come.

But come on. Is this a big thing? Really? Heck I doubt we'd have told anyone except that you're supposed to have some godparents there. I'm just so out of touch I guess on the whole church thing. *sigh* Making churchy faux pas left and right I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart! Looking forward to this weekend. Going home tomorrow. Celebrating your Grandad's 82nd birthday today. He is doing great! Actually he's swimming right this minute.
Love you all bunches and bunches! Your Aunts, Uncles and cousins send their love too.
xxxoooMom :)

Lisa said...

It seems that it is probably a "bigger deal" to other people (than you). I found that there were varying degrees of passion about the subject at Fischer's. People who are religious are going to think it is a very big deal and be quite excited about it, and with all of the company you have coming up for it... you better have a little party or go out for breakfast or something. They may even be bringing gifts! Take some time to think about the meaning of baptism, if Tom has initiated it, it must be important to him. If you spend a little time thinking about how this fits into your own beliefs, then it will have more meaning for you and be a little bit more special. Andy and I have different faiths (I'm Christian and he is not - for starters), so we had a baby dedication rather than a baptism. We had our immediate family and friends come up to the mountains and my childhood youth pastor performed the ceremony. We had sat down with him beforehand to discuss our beliefs and our purpose in the dedication. It made the whole thing really special for both Andy and I. We dedicated Fischer to God and promised to raise him with the knowledge of our beliefs, and to pray with him, and eventually to take him to a church. We also asked all of the people who came to be his "angels" and help us to raise him with strong values and help him to make good choices. (It sounded a bit more eloquent than that, I can't quite remember the wording). Geez, too much information - sorry. Just enjoy the day and all of the compaany and the attention that Nicky is getting. I hope you post some pics!