Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baptism in Pictures

JM returned from her visit to Canada to visit her daughter, son in law and three grandchildren. She had a great time up there. Now that she's back though, she and Tom's dad came over for lunch. And she brought the photos from the baptism! They're just as fabulous as we all expected. I tried hard to narrow it down to only a few. They're uploaded into photobucket in the 2008 June folder.

I'll just share this one with you here:

This is Nicky with Tom and I and his Godparents, Tom and Aunt Liz. Just to clarify, we found out that godparents do not have to be related at all, so we chose Tom's friend from the RCIA program, Tom, for the Godfather. And for the Godmother we knew we wanted my sister Liz. The only rules for choosing the godparents are that both have to be active Christians and one has to be an active Catholic. Liz is Episcopalian and is very involved in her church. Tom is newly Catholic after having gone through the RCIA process with Tom. (Ok, going to be confusing I can tell! How about we call Godfather Tom "TG" from now on here?)

Anyway, check it out. These photos are great! And with the audio you can hear on the videos I think you get a really good idea of how the ceremony went.

Oh, and one more thing...JM took a great photo of Liz and I with my mom (whom Nicky now calls "Grammie").

Aunt Liz, Mommy and Grammie

Love you Mom!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the wonderful pictures JM! I think that is the best picture of the three of us(Angie Mom & Me) ever taken! Well maybe with the exception of when Angie and I were adorable little Love you all!
Aunt Liz