Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh great. My baby curses like a sailor.

So this morning Tom and Nicky were taking me to work. What can I say, it's been hot and I've been a little lazy in my efforts to "stick it to the man" by taking the bus lately.

Anyway, Tom got Nicky settled in his carseat and crammed himself into the back of the van to try to get the new windowshades set up so Nicky won't roast in the sun. I was in front, starting up the car and the A/C and getting ready to put on my makeup when Tom just got all ticked off at the uncooperative shades, left them in a heap on the floor and crawled into the drivers seat from the back of the van. All the while cursing up a storm.

We've really been pretty good about cursing in front of Nicky, you know, ever since he learned the word "Damnit!" so well. Well, about two seconds after Tom got into his seat and started driving, we heard..."Fuck Ing!" From the backseat. Very distinctly, and with feeling.

We didn't turn around, but we both looked at each other. Yep, we both heard the same thing. Our sweet little boy was using the "F word" in the backseat. At the tender age of two. Super. We hope that by ignoring this completely he'll just forget about it. But every few seconds for the trip, we heard "Fuck Ing" as if he was trying to make sure he'd remember the right syllables and inflection. Sigh.

We'll see if he remembers it later. Tonight at dinner when he wanted to push from the table and his Daddy and Nana pulled him back up to the table he was back to "Damnit!" Which is really sounding less and less like the "Donut!" we'd tried to use as a replacement.

Oy. At least I've documented that it was TOM that taught him his first curse words. :) I knew blogging was good for something!


We're heading to Jacksonville Beach tomorrow for Nicky's first real beach visit. We'd taken him to St. Augustine once when he was tiny, but we totally forgot to get photos and we didn't get in the water or sand, or actually even set him down. He was teeny then. We're planning to get some documentation of this trip though!


Lisa said...

So funny! Fisch said "mommy, shut up" a couple of times in the car the other day. I tried to pretend that he didn't know what he was saying (because i was singing at the time). Grrr... I know wwe've never said that to him or to each other, but I'm pretty sure I've said it to the dogs! Not such a bad thing until it comes out of your little one's mouth!

Anonymous said...

Well! Looks like everyone around Nicky will have to be extra careful with their expressive word emphasis.
May I suggest the only curse word I was appointed and allowed during my childhood---oh!beans!!! I know! it just doesn't do much --so now in my grandmother years I find the that
"Good Grief" really works the best for just about any occasion!
I just adore the new pics of Angie taking the "Nicky" out in the ocean waves-----so adorable!!! I will probably frame one up for my room!
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Grammie :)