Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So that's why you are supposed to tie them down

We'd been getting away from using Nicky's booster seat (because he hates them) but pulled this out to tie him down so he'd stay at the table with us.

As you can see, we missed a crucial step...

Oh, and speaking of tying things down, we have pretty much given up on trying to put Nicky in escape-proof clothing after he got his diaper off by putting both his legs into one leg of his very snug-fitting zip-up sleeper and then pulled the diaper out the other leg! I mean, how do you fight that?

We even resorted to swatting him on the bare butt, not very hard, and right on his bare hiney, but that just made us feel horrible and he didn't seem fazed in the slightest. He didn't even cry. We never wanted to use spanking with him, and while he didn't do it again for a while, the behavior didn't completely extinguish. For us the trade off between spanking or cleaning up poop just wasn't worth it. We'd rather clean poop.

So we've been trying to get him more interested in going on the potty (no success yet, but it'll come) and listening at his door like crazy during his naps. It occurred to us the other day that we should start using his baby monitor again. That would let us hear as soon as he ripped the diaper off. So we've just got to locate it. I'm pretty sure we still have it...somewhere.


Anonymous said...

What a funny boy! I have laughed and laughed at his silliness!
xxxoooMom/'Grammie' :)