Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wherein I ramble on and on about how much TV we're letting Nicky watch these days

Finally! I'm uploading some new movies and photos tonight. JM took some fabulous photos on Mother's Day weekend and she gave me the disks today. I also pulled several movies off the camera tonight to upload. That takes a while, so we'll see how many I can do before I have to hit the hay.

We have to get to bed at a decent time since we all have to wake up to take me to the mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow morning. I have felt the lump twice more since last week, so I just don't know if it's something that comes and goes (maybe a lymph node?) or maybe I just don't know what I'm feeling for. Hopefully it's nothing. I've managed to keep it out of my mind most of this week by staying nice and busy. I'm sure I'll be a mess tomorrow morning though. At least the appointment is in the morning before I go to work so that I'm not sitting at work worried and unable to focus. I should be able to update after the appointment. At the very least I'll twitter the results. You can see them in the right hand spot on the blog here if you don't follow me on Twitter.

What else is going on? Hmm, well Nicky is really starting to talk more lately. I swear it's due to him watching that movie. He loves this movie, Monsters Inc. He calls it "Boo" though, after the name of the little girl in it. I think he loves her, or at least identifies with her. Ever since watching it he's really started babbling and attempting to talk more. It's like he figured out that you don't have to say things absolutely right in order to talk. (The little girl babbles in the movie unintelligibly, but you can kind of understand her via body language and tone.)

It was also after first seeing this movie that he slept in the big bed for the first time. He's only done it successfully about twice so far though. We've tried a few more times, but he ends up coming out and getting put in his crib. As soon as we set up the den with the daybed and new desks we'll probably move the gate over to his doorway and really work on transitioning him to the big bed. Probably over this summer.

Anyway, he'd watch "Boo" all day if we'd let him, but we try to keep it down to once a day at the very most. He's even started saying some of the lines along with the movie. On Sunday we watched it with his Grandma and Grandpa after dinner and he was reciting along with one of the lines in there. So funny to hear! I have a little movie I'm uploading now that shows what he does at the beginning of the movie. The very first scene starts out scary and so he'll run out of the room when it's starting. Then he comes back when the scary part is over. He figured that out on his own after only watching it once.

We've tried a few other disney movies on him, but Boo is far and away his favorite. Some we've tried are:
Lion King
101 Dalmatians (live action version)
A Bug's Life
The Little Mermaid

I think that's about it. In the past we'd watched others while he was around, but he wasn't really into watching them back then. We have a lot more to try though. Tom and I collected Disney movies since back when we first met in 1993 and we have nearly all of the animated ones. We always hoped to have them for our children, even though we sure didn't think it would take 11 years to get there. Most of them are on VHS even since we started before DVD got so popular. Only a handful are in DVD format so far.

There is one more movie that Nicky will watch. He's rivited by this one. It's not even really a movie. More like animated music videos, but it's really incredible! We first saw this on PBS during one of the beg-a-thons (which to us is not a negative name-we love PBS!) It's called "Animusic" and you have to see it to believe it. The music is beautiful, but the animations are out of this world! Nana bought their second DVD and brought it over for us to see. Nicky will sit and watch the entire thing (8 long videos) hardly taking his eyes off the screen. We talk about the lights and music and stuff, but really I don't even know if he's listening to us. We tried watching Fantasia actually right after seeing Animusic for the first time, but he wasn't very impressed. As cool as Fantasia is, it can't hold a candle to the Animusic stuff. I hope you'll check them out. They have several videos available to view on their website.

Hopefully Nana will leave this DVD with us for a while. I hope to go back and buy their first DVD soon.

Alright, back to uploading movies. It's been a half hour and one is almost uploaded. This takes so long!


Lisa said...

Nicky is such a cutie. I can't believe he'll watch a WHOLE movie. I'm sooo envious!