Thursday, April 03, 2008


So far so good. The stitches are holding and we've not had another naked episode. Whew. (I think he is watching closely to figure out how the buttons work though.)

We had Nicky's 2 year pediatric appointment yesterday. He's in perfect shape and growing fine. He actually didn't have to have any shots either. Apparently he's done with shots until he's five! I charted his new weight and height on his chart. He now weighs 27lbs 8oz and 34.5 inches tall. So he hasn't grown as much as we'd thought, but he's still in good shape growth-wise.

We asked the doctor about his escapist poop-art, and she's said it's normal, but very frustrating. She approved of our sleeper methods and suggested pinning the zippers of the ones he's figured out how to unzip. We'd thought of that before, using diaper pins, but we're worried that he'd open them or pull them open with his stitch-ripping super strength. So we'll try turning them backwards first.

She did say specifically that he's really young for serious potty training and we don't want to push him at all at this age. Just to keep it fun and keep following his lead. It's a slow process, but he did peepee in the potty again tonight, the first time with Tom home! He'd been in the tub with Tom, blowing bubbles, and said "potty!" while grabbing himself. We asked him if he needed to go potty and wanted to sit on the potty and he said "okay." I set him on his potty, and he peed! We made a big to-do about it and praised him. Then he went back in the tub with Tom to play more bubbles. I think he probably liked that even more than M&Ms.

I asked about giving him a multivitamin, but she said that as long as he's eating a good variety that he doesn't need a daily vitamin. She approved of his diet and really didn't have any directives for us. She said we could take him to a pediatric dentist at any time since he's already on our policy, but it's not necessary unless we notice a problem. She did say hold off on fluoridated toothpaste until he can spit it out.

We talked about his binkies too. We're limiting them to naptime, bedtime and when he's stressed/tired. They're still his primary means of self-comfort. She suggested phasing them out, but no hard and fast age limit was given or implied. I'd like to have him off them by age three I think, but we need to help him transfer his self-soothing from the binkies to something else. Not food or drinks, nothing oral. But a stuffed animal, or hugs, or cuddling the dogs, or something. He's never developed an attachment to any stuffed animal, toy or blanket, so we're not sure what to try. (I'll have to do some research!)

So basically, he's doing great, we're doing great, and we just need to keep on doing what we're doing.


Lisa said...

Hi Angela, I clicked on your name from a comment you left on another site. I just have to tell you that after reading this post - you and I must be twins! Or maybe just our boys! I am a former teacher with a 2 year old son. My son is still doing the binky thing and is the same size as yours and on and on - whatever. I'm not sure why I felt the need to tell you that, but - I can definitely relate to your life.

Lisa said...

BTW, Fischer is not out of the crib yet, I put a stepstool next to it because he could get out but couldn't get back in. We did the "big boy bed" around Christmas time (for a week) and it was HELL! Nobody got any sleep.... so we put the crib back together and he'll be sleeping in it until he is 18! Thanks for commenting on mty blog!