Monday, April 07, 2008

The Poop Saga Continues

When we last left our heroes, they were optimistic in their hopes of having successfully contained Nicky, (aka the Poop Monster) by using a button down sewn up sleeper.

Well since then there was one episode last week when Nicky went down for a nap and was put down in his regular clothes. Of course we ended up with a poopie situation after that, but that was our own fault.

But then there came a day when both his sleepers were dirty. So we improvised by pinning his pj bottoms to his pj top. It worked! We used two diaper pins, one on each side. Ah ha! Now, this gives us options! We have tons of two-piece pj sets! So we used a combination of zip up sleeper with one pin holding the zipper up and two piece pjs pinned at the sides.

Until last night. When Tom called urgently for me from Nicky's room.

I went in and Nicky was sleeping on his tummy, with his top still on, still pinned to his pants, but his pants and diaper were off to the side with a poopie. He'd not even played around. He'd just slipped out of his pants while they were still attached on two sides with diaper pins, taken off his diaper and fell asleep.


So we cleaned him up, cleaned and stripped the bed (that had JUST been washed that day) and put him back in a zippered sleeper pinned at the top.

Our heroes don't even have the energy to be mildly optimistic at this point. We're just hoping that the pins will stay safely shut. The doctor seemed to think that would be fine. Poop we can handle if we must. Poop and blood, well that's just too gruesome to contemplate.

Maybe we'll try the zippered sleeper backwards next time. Right now he's in his button down sleeper.


Lisa said...

Your "poop saga" makes me feel better about my "sleep saga"! Sorry! Maybe you should try putting Nicky in a full body unitard. He doesn't have to wear the tutu with it! Good luck tonight!

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, that child is ready for full on potty training. HE simply does not like being dirty! Hang in there superheros- like everything else with our children- "this too shall pass!"

Lisa said...

Hey Angela, I liked the comment you left on toddlerplanet. "Whymommy" is incredible. Anyway, what happened on your previous post? I didn't even know you could erase comments. Is there a such thing as spam comments? I'm obviously a little new to the blog world.

Angela said...

Thanks Lisa! I agree with you about Whymommy. I think of her often and am so hopeful she'll be happy and healthy for a long long time. Her boys are so cute and need their momma.

On the deleted comments. If you're logged into your blog and view the comments you'll notice a little trashcan at the bottom of each one where you can click to delete it. I have only had to use it to delete spam so far.

Yes indeedy there is definitely spam comments out there! Sometimes they're really obvious, like all the sudden finding some long diatribe on your comments that's totally unrelated at all to your blog. Sometimes they're more subtle, a seemingly innocent comment but the link included from the name is directing towards a commercial or spam site. The two I deleted from my recent post were like that. Sometimes if the comment seems really related I'll leave it up, but most of the time it's kind of obvious it's just a spammer.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the info. I don't see an email address on your site either, is it safe to post it?