Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Big Bed

Sunday night, Nicky wanted to sleep in the big bed. He'd tried just a few times before, but always got up immediately and ended up being put back into his crib.

Well, we expected he would probably be getting up soon, but thought we'd give him one chance to try.

At 11pm when we were getting ready to go to bed, Tom and I realized that we hadn't heard a peep out of him since he went to bed at 9pm. (That was a late night for him. Usually he's in bed by 8.) So we went to check on him, expecting him to be curled up on the floor somewhere with his toys, but this is what we found:

Sleeping in the big bed
He was sound asleep. He did wake up fussing at about 2am, but he was only looking for his binky and then laid right back down. Then at about 5am Tom woke to a little hand on him and a voice saying "Come up?" It was so cute! Tom picked him up and Nicky snuggled on me for a little while. He fell asleep on me and Tom carried him back to bed and put him in his crib to sleep till we got up.

He totally slept a night in the big bed!

We've tried it Monday night, and he ended up wandering out after about 30 minutes or so and was put back in his crib. Tonight he wandered out again, so went back in the crib. But I'm sure it won't be long before he spends every night in the big bed.

Oddly enough, that first night in the big bed came after another first. His first time watching a full length movie. Nicky and I had watched Disney's Monsters Inc. movie. In one part the little girl slept in the monster's big bed, and in her own room at the end she was in her own big bed in her room too. If you've seen that movie, you'll know that the little girl also babbles incessantly. And we've definitely noticed that Nicky's started babbling a LOT more since that. It's like he realized it's ok to say stuff that doesn't "make sense" or something. Very interesting.

One more thing. Tonight we had another peepee in the potty! It was right before his bath and I sat him there for a sec while I was running the water. He missed at first, but then we moved him a little and he totally went in his little potty. Hopefully we'll have more and more of that soon!


Lisa said...

Goodness! It is like he is trying to grow up all at once! What an exciting time!

Kristi said...

Is there anything as beautiful as a child sleeping? Love that picture. I used to take a ton of my daughter when she was a baby. Now I'm too scared I'll wake her up!

cry it out! said...

congrats! Exciting time indeed -- we are definitely nervous about trying this out ourselves. Good to see it works!