Saturday, February 09, 2008

Playing around


You'll be thrilled to see that JM took some adorable photos of Nicky at the playground in Citra. She brought a disk of them over and I've put up several of them. It's so cute to see him playing on the playground equipment. He went down the big slide all on his own! And he loves the swings.

But not as much as he loves acorns I think. He's always finding them and collecting them. He can even say "acorn." Oh, and "stick." He loves collecting sticks too.

Showing off his acorn. He LOVES acorns.

Today we went to a birthday party. There were 4 other little boys there and they had such a good time. Nicky refused to eat anything till after we left (even cake). Then he ate 3 granola bars on the way home. It reminded me though that we have a party to plan coming up. We'll be holding Nicky's birthday on Easter Sunday. It's the weekend after his actual birthday, but it's a great weekend to have family over with the holiday, Tom's confirmation on Saturday, and Maryellen's spring break. So we'll pack it in there on Sunday. I think we'll do the Elmo theme since that's probably Nicky's favorite right now.

And that's the exciting stuff happening around here lately. Riveting isn't it?


Natalie de Guzman said...

Your Nicky's photos are nice! Elmo theme for his birthday will be cool.

Jodi said...

It looks so nice and warm there. It's like subzero here.