Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More than you ever wanted to know

Ok, so Tom was sick all last week and just Monday of this week was finally feeling better. I talked to my sister Monday night and told her "thank goodness Nicky and I didn't get it this time."

Tuesday I started feeling run down and my throat was scratchy. By Tuesday night I started feeling really fuzzy in my throat and sinus, you know, that prickly "I'm getting a damn cold" feeling. And today I felt horrible. I slept a good bit today and I don't think I've really run a fever, but tonight my skin is starting to hurt and I ache all over. Great. Hopefully Nicky won't get it.

I stayed home today and since I was home I called and made an appointment with the respiratory therapist. I've been meaning to call them about my CPAP mask, it's been leaking horribly and making it hard to sleep at night since I have to wake up and adjust it because a stream of air is blowing in my eye. So I'll pop over there tomorrow morning (or drag myself there, whatever it takes) and get a new mask.

For anyone not up on their sleep apnea jargon, the CPAP machine is a machine that keeps you breathing at night. It's a wonderful wonderful thing if you have sleep apnea since not breathing tends to wake you up and generally be unhealthy. You sleep for crap when you don't breathe. There are lots of styles of masks that you can get with your machine, and so far I've had two styles, the Swift and the Breeze. I've actually had two of the Swift since that one is my favorite, but it's just not working for me anymore. So I'm going tomorrow to look at some of the nasal masks that actually fit over your nose. I've never been able to tolerate them because they seem to press right on my sinus or something, but maybe there is one that will work. And even if it's not very comfortable I figure it's gotta be better than wind in your eye. Although, it does look like there are a lot of new masks on the market now. Maybe I'll try this one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
So sorry, you all have been ill.
Like your getting the new cpap mask idea. The last model you have listed seems the best one to me but it is an individual fit, of course.
Looking forward so much to our upcoming visit. Miss you all very much.
Love you bunches and bunches!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)