Friday, February 29, 2008

Favorite Email of the Day

This made my afternoon. I went to work today, even though I'm still pretty miserable. But I had a deadline and a desk shift, so I figured I could be miserable at work for the day. When I came off my desk shift I found this email in my inbox:

Hi boo.

I am glad that you are feeling a little better. Nick and I had a great time visiting with Grandpa since Grandma was very busy. We went to breakfast and then we went and played at the park. He met a very nice 6-year-old girl who helped him go up and down the slide a few times and wanted to lead him around. He enjoyed it for a little while but then wanted to go home since he was very tired.

He had a good breakfast of French toast; ate almost 2 whole pieces all by himself. He also had a good glassful of chocolate milk. All in all a very good morning.

We are home now and looking forward to our first nap of the day now that it is after one o'clock. We will see though.

Love you,



Jann said...


Okay, the Neti pot is scaring me! I hope it helped though!