Monday, February 25, 2008

A Non-Nicky Video to Share

Well, I don't have a new Nicky video, but I did want to share a video I found inspiring.

I don't usually wax political on my blog, but I'm not afraid to share who I voted for in the primary.

Ready for it?

Mike Gravel.

Okay okay, enough laughing. You're gonna hurt yourself. I have a pretty good reason for voting for Mike.

I live in Florida and my vote doesn't count for the primary. For a while I toyed with the idea of switching over to Republican and voting for some really wacko candidate, but it was too much work and I really couldn't see going that far out of my way to make a statement that would never be heard. If all the Dems in Florida were going to switch over to Republican and vote for someone I'd have joined them. But a solo act of rebellion just wasn't really an attractive option. So instead I just tuned out as much talk about the candidates in a fit of impotent rage at the system. In the end, when I ended up in the voting booth staring at the ballot I went with the one candidate that had voter reform on his platform. I voted for him knowing full well he'd never actually win, so I guess it was more of a protest vote. But I think there is something really broken with a system when an entire state loses it's voice in the election process.

So anyway, that's what I did in the primary. But now I have to look forward to the real election in November. And just for fun I get to imagine I have an interest in who ends up being the Democratic candidate in that election. So now I've done some homework and looked at the platforms and issues for each of the candidates left. Interestingly enough when I did one of those vote match type quizzes my best match was actually Gravel because I'm farther to the left than any of the remaining candidates. Apparently I'm a total pinko.

But really both Hillary and Obama are both pretty close matches for me and there is very little separating them on the issues, especially the issues most important to me. So I'd be fine with either one. I do know that it seems a LOT of people seem to have this anti-Hillary vibe going on. But when I question them on WHY they just say things like "I don't trust her" or "I just have a feeling about her." And honestly this is what guys are saying! How interesting they're relying on their intuition instead of having something objective to point to. Then I have heard of at least one person who refuses to vote for Obama even if he is the Dem candidate. I haven't heard the reason myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's because he's black. I think racism is alive and well here in America still, as much as people seem to want to deny it. Oh we've come a long way baby, but there is still a lot of racism and sexism in America, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the election.

Personally though, I am thrilled! I can't wait to see our first black or woman president! I don't think McCain can take the final election and so I'm probably counting my chicks while they're still in the eggs, but it's really exciting to think that this time next year we'll have one or the other in the White House. It almost makes the last 8 years of hell worth it. Almost.

But anyway, my real purpose of this post was to share this video. I know it's packaging and marketing and all, but damn this was inspiring! I'll keep my mind open, but if I had a chance to vote tomorrow I might vote for Obama just on the high I get from this video. I'm a little jaded after being so fired up for Dean 4 years ago, but I could see myself getting hyped up for Obama after seeing this. After 8 years of being convinced daily that we can't do a damn thing about where our government has been taking us (figuratively and literally) it's awfully empowering to be told so eloquently, "Yes, We Can!"


Anonymous said...

Wow-that gave me goosebumps, thanks!

This is my prayer for all Americans

"I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you"...Ephesians 1:18