Thursday, February 28, 2008

Got new mask, now want new head

We were on the way to my RT appointment this morning and instead of going there I accidently went to work instead. I didn't even realize I had gone to the wrong place until I saw my boss and she asked why I was at work. My ears were killing me and my throat hurt so bad and now I had to try to call Tom to get him to hurry back to pick me up so we could make it to the RT appointment in time.

Lucky for me though I woke up. It was all just a nightmare right before my alarm went off. We did make it to the RT appointment on time although I did wake up with both my ears hurting and my throat swollen so much I couldn't swallow or even breathe without it hurting. A hot shower helped a little and I can tell you I definitely have a sinus infection in there (but you DON'T want to know how I know that). I dragged myself into the car and it was a good thing I have my personal nurse Tom to take care of me and drive me around. I spent most of the ride in a stupor.

Last week when Tom was sick and slept so much and I even had to take off a day of work I secretly felt that he should just toughen up a bit. After all if it had been me I'd have just sucked it up and powered through. Heck even when I'm sick I usually go to work!

I take it ALL back! My ears hurt, my throat hurts, my eyes burn and my skin hurts all over! I'm starting to wonder if this actually might be the flu. Isn't it the flu when you get the aches all over and your skin hurts? I admit it, I'm a freaking baby! I realized this and told Tom I was sorry for secretly feeling he was being a wuss. He forgives me, and even makes me hot tea and set me up with the laptop in the comfy chair so I could sit up and have tea for a bit with my friends in the internet. He loves me.

So anyway, you're just aching to know what mask I got aren't you. They didn't have the Opus 360. It's really new and they only usually carry the bestselling ones. Maybe next time I need a mask they'll have that one. So instead I got the OptiLife. I tried it out as soon as we got home and took a 2 hour nap with it. It seemed to work well for that. We'll see how it performs over the next week or so. They said if it doesn't work for me I can go exchange it for free within 14 days. AND my insurance covered everything 100%. I'm really liking my insurance today.