Thursday, June 28, 2007

He's walking more and more

Nicky's been practicing his walking everyday. It's so much fun to watch him exploring how he can move his body. I added another video last night of him, and although he really looks like he's intoxicated he is just still wobbly and was sleepy. Promise!

I also added a few June photos, including one of Nicky and I. Even though the one of me is awful there are so few photos of the two of us that I just had to add it.

We're heading to Alabama soon to visit with Aunt Maryellen and Uncle Scot. They have a new puppy named Molly who is just adorable. Nicky will have lots of fun playing with her!

Also, just to share something I found facinating: Watch this quick video on RSS in Plain English and you'll see what I mean when I say RSS feeds will change your life! After seeing that I immediately went out and set up a Google Reader account. Now I get all my blog updates from one spot and can actually keep up with all the interesting blogs I follow! It's amazing!