Sunday, July 01, 2007

We have THREE teeth now!

Ok, it's finally official: Nicky now has 3 teeth. He's now 15.5 months old and has 3 teeth. Is that weird?

Well probably not as weird as this.

My child actually sleeps this way. Constantly. He wasn't sleeping here, just resting I suppose after exerting himself in THIS fashion.

Any suggestions on how to prevent him climbing on top of the tv? I suppose the repetitive NO is a viable option, and we'll probably have to resort to it. I think our days of the den as giant safe playpen might be over.

If you hadn't guessed, Nicky and I are not in Alabama. We were all geared up to go, but Friday afternoon Maryellen got really sick. Well, actually she'd been sick for a few days with a headache, but Friday afternoon she went to the doctor and he said she was REALLY sick. Like "contagious, can't see anyone, especially a baby" sick. We debated what to do until Saturday morning when we found out Maryellen was in the hospital with possible menengitis. Now that is SICK! Poor Maryellen!

Luckily I have the whole week off and so I'm staying home with Nicky and Tom and his mom drove to Alabama Saturday morning to help Scot and Maryellen. So while it does suck to miss out on visiting them for the week, mostly it just REALLY sucks that Maryellen is so sick. Hopefully she'll feel much better and be out of the hospital early in the week. We're thinking of you Maryellen!

So I'm actually being the mom for a change and spending all day with Nicky. It's kind of fun in a OhmyGodIhopeIdon'tscrewuhimuptoobad kind of way. He's pooped three times today and had fish sticks with cocktail sauce for dinner. Is that wrong?