Sunday, July 29, 2007

New pics!

What could possibly be more exciting than new Nicky pics?! JM took some wonderful photos when we were over to her place for dinner last week. I just got them yesterday and they're awesome! I had a hard time choosing which to put online, so there are quite a few. Nearly 40 actually. Well, I can't help it! He's adorable and I'm seriously missing having a working camera at my disposal. I must do something about that soon.

Anyway, the photos are up, and here's a nice sample:

Told you he's adorable!

Well Friday was my *gulp* birthday. I'm 29 (again). I have considered possibly not being 29, but it doesn't feel very good when I start imagining higher numbers, so I won't think about that today. Maybe next year.

Tom, Donna and I went out Friday to see Harry Potter's 5th movie. It was great! Of course they had to leave out TONS of stuff. But I was careful this time and didn't reread the book till after watching the movie so I wasn't too upset by the changes. I just reread the book today and I must say the book is lightyears better than the movie. No surprise of course. My main birthday present was actually the last Harry Potter book. I got that the day it came out and read it in just over 24 hours or so. Amazing! Incredible! LOVED IT! And there is no way I'm spoiling it for anyone. If you read HP, enjoy it! And if you don't read HP... well why the heck not? I can't imagine anyone not liking the books. Aw well.

While we were out at the movies, Tom's dad and JM came to watch Nicky for the evening. On the way home I was a little worried that he'd be trouble going to bed and that they might not be able to let him cry it out and he'd still be up and overtired (it was nearly 11pm when we got home). But apparently Nicky was an angel for them. JM described how Nicky basically showed them exactly how to put him to sleep. She described it thus:

She took Nicky in to brush his teeth, which he didn't like much. And then into the bedroom. Turned out the light, but then she was having a hard time seeing how to turn on his music so she went and turned the light back on. She was looking at the stereo trying to figure out how to turn on the music when Nicky pointed at the button for her. She pushed that button and the music started.

So she turned off the light again and was swaying with him to the music when Grandpa came in. Nicky pointed to Grandpa and JM handed him over. Grandpa held Nicky for about a minute and then pointed to his bed. They laid him in his bed and Nicky pointed to his binkies (which hang on the side of his crib). They gave him his binkies and he laid down to go to sleep.

I can't believe how GOOD he was! We're so lucky!


Jann said...

He is SO Adorable!!!!! I think we need to work out an arranged marriage. LOL