Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's now official! Nicky can WALK! Tonight I caught his first independent steps.

Yesterday he'd taken a few steps and figured out how to stand by himself without holding onto anything. He was very excited about being able to stand up on his own and would toss up his hands and shriek every time. I was trying to capture some video of him doing it, but it was hard since as soon as he saw the camera all he wanted to do was get the camera.

But tonight after his bath we were trying again to capture the standing thing and we not only got it, we caught him walking! We were so excited! I'm uploading the video right now!

Here it is.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video! Thanks for being so quick with the camera!!
Aunt Liz

Auntie J said...

I took Dad and Gwen with me to the library so they could finally see your wonderful website. I love you guys bunches. I'll call you soon.

Dad said...

Yo Angie!

Great movies and I loved the slide show too. Makes me want to just drive down there right now. Now that I know how to use the library PC I will be here more often.

Love you the Most!