Saturday, June 16, 2007

15 month ped appt

We had our 15th month pediatric appointment yesterday. Nicky passed everything with flying colors. His measurements are:
Height: 31 inches tall
Weight: 24 pounds and 8 ounces
Head: 47cm

Everything looked great and the doctor said he's perfect. She did say to call her in a month or two if he isn't showing any progress in walking independently, but she's not worried about it. She agrees he's probably able to walk but just not willing yet.

Today we were planning on having dinner early and going to the park afterwards, but instead we filled up his pool and had a before dinner splash-fest and then I gave him a bubble bath in his pool after dinner too. It was cold of course, but he didn't seem to mind much. We'll try to do the park tomorrow after father's day dinner.

Now I'm off to work on Tom's father's day gift. I'll share it here when I'm done!