Friday, June 08, 2007

He's really getting into talking!

Ok, Nicky's newest thing is holding his hand flat up against his head and saying "HO?" He started by imitating the teller at the bank when she picked up the phone. Tom calls me at work now about once a day so that I can talk to Nicky. Well, actually so he can talk to me. Mostly it's "Eh!" but he's holding the phone himself and talking! Of course there is button pushing involved as well.

He also is consistently waving bye and saying "die!" LOL! This started at Sonny's with two older women who were fawning over him (that happens a lot!) and when Daddy said to say bye-bye he actually did! "Die-Die!" AND he's really waving, not just opening and closing his hand too. Progress all over the place!

So now he can say:

Ighth = Light
Guh = Dog
Die = Bye
Ho = Hello
And then the normal, Mama, Dada, Nana, Hi and Yay that have been in his repertoire for a while now.

Another thing that started this week. He's picked up on two of the sign-language signs. He started signing "more" on Tuesday. I think he really knows what it means! I've caught just a bit on camera so I'll have to put that up this weekend. He also can sign "milk." It's so cute. He uses both hands (the sign is your right hand squeezing like you're milking a cow).

Two other things I almost forgot. He did say "mease" when Nana said to "say please" one time. It was too cute. But he hasn't done it again yet. And he might sometimes be saying "more" when he's signing it. Sounded like "mo" to me. We'll see if he keeps it up.

My baby's starting to talk!

Updates: Still no move on the walking front. Surely it will happen soon. AND still no more teeth! I swear, how much closer can it get before coming in? It's been WEEKS now! I check every night while brushing his teeth for more, but they're just really slow I guess.

Oh one more thing, and Donna and I took a scrap-booking class on Monday. Lot's of neat ideas! I've come up with a whole list of themes from looking at his photos and now I've just got to print them out and we can scrap them. We did a Thanksgiving layout on Tuesday and it's very cute.