Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun with PG (Pregnant Guts)

Ok, check out this site. You can move the slider and see what's happening in there! It's so fun! I'm at 23 weeks and 1 day today. Look what's happening to my poor intestines! Haha!

Today I felt Nicky kicking up a storm. That was nice because I've only felt him a little bit for the last few days.

Things are progressing with the house. Tuesday the appraiser guy came out to look at the property. He said the big oaks raise the value. Yay! And here I thought they just dropped limbs, acorns and leaves all over the place. Then today the mortgage broker called and faxed over an employment verification form thingy. I signed it and sent it back to her today. We'll call this weekend, or maybe even go down there to Ocala and see what's the next step. I wanna have my house!!


Anonymous said...

I love that slider thingy! Its really cool. Mark likes it too, especially in the first part where the lady's breats get
Aunt Liz