Saturday, December 17, 2005

On to Plan B...

What, you didn't know we had a Plan B? Well, we didnt' until today... I just spent most of the day talking with Dad and JM. We worked out the numbers, and while it might change when Tom gets a job, right now we just aren't going to be able to afford to do the modular home. Even with the car payment being rolled into the construction loan we just can't do a $1000+ payment for the house. It's over half my salary and it's just cutting it way too close.

So we now have a short term plan and a long term plan.

Short term, Dad and JM have a mobile home on the other side of their property. It's where Tom's grandparents lived once they couldn't live in the house we're in right now anymore. Right now it's just being used for storage and it's in a LOT better shape than the place we're in. Not a palace or anything, but at least cleanable and heatable. It even has a fenced yard we can let the dogs out into and not have to walk them so much once the baby comes. So anyway, the plan is to move all that stored stuff out and over to this place we're in now. We'll clean it up, assess all the plumbing, electric, carpets, etc. Replace what really needs it. Then move over just our best stuff that we're keeping (we have soo much junk that just needs donating or selling). We'll start working on this plan after the first of January and hopefully move in by the end of January.
The good things are: It's much more livable, and cleanable. It has a fence, and it will be rent free with only an electric bill (has well water).
Bad things are: The road is pretty bumpy, but I'll just have to go slow and use a cushion. We won't be getting cable, phone, or internet and that sucks, but the bills will be small and that's really good. The electric should be less than $100 and that's soo much better than the $300 we're paying now!
So all told, it seems to be the smartest thing to do. And I'm sure JM isn't too upset about getting to live so close to the baby either. ;)

The long term plan (6 months to a year out) is that we'll be living with minimal bills. Tom's job will be full time (that's the plan anyway) at least until Nicholas is born (then we'll have to see). My check will cover all the regular payments and living expenses. We'll be socking Tom's entire check into savings and paying off the car payment. I think we can get the car paid off this way in one year. That should really help my credit and give us some savings to help make a better go at buying a house. When the car is paid we'll reassess what our property is worth. We're betting it's going to go up quite a bit relatively quickly (speculating I know, but it's actually primely placed, it just has a shack on it) and hopefully we'll be in a much stronger bargaining position after about a year of making all payments on time, having savings, and having no car payment.

Am I nuts? Probably. It still is very disappointing to have had my hopes up so high about getting a new house. But I have already had my cry when I got home today and now I'm working on creating a new vision for what our immediate future will look like. Not ideal, but Nicky's not going to be remembering the house we were in for his first year anyway. And heck, at least we can actually clean it and it's sealed from the elements. Major improvements over where we are now!

Time now to take these lemons and make some lemonade!


Anonymous said...

So Sorry dear ones that you have had a disappointment with the house plan A but feel that plan B is very good plan for the long haul. You are correct, little Nicky just needs a safe place with loving parents, grandparents and friends around him and Charles and JM have offered a really wonderful blessing solution for you all. I wish I could help you more at this time but just know that I am supportive of your efforts to make a safe family dwelling for little Nicky and yourselves.
With lots of love to you both,
Looking forward to seeing you this upcoming Christmas weekend.