Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Last Monthly OB Appointment today!

Ok, today I had my monthly OB appointment. After 2 hours of waiting in the waiting room I finally got in. I wasn't too upset waiting since there were so many other much more pregnant women there! One had some kind of funky pain and was pregnant with twins. Another was 37 weeks pregnant and in the middle of early labor. I was definitely ok with them going first!

When I got to see the doctor, my blood pressure was great at 108/62. My weight was up to 286, which is 11 pounds total for the pregnancy (which he said was just fine) and my hydration and everything was good.

This will be the last monthly appointment because from here to 32 weeks I'll be seen every other week. Then at 32 weeks it will start to be weekly visits. Tom asked if I was being considered a high risk pregnancy and the doctor said yes, but that I'm doing really great! He considers my asthma the most troublesome unknown quantity, but I have the pulmonology function test and visit with the pulmonologist next Wednesday so hopefully we'll get that good and in control. Of course WE all know I'll be tons better with the asthma when I get my new house (at least I hope so!) but hopefully the pulmonologist will have some helpful thoughts as well that I can implement now.

Speaking of the house, I talked with PC Homes today and they are just waiting on the employment verification at this point. Then we're good to go. I'll check to see where the heck the hold up is tomorrow (if it's still there that is). I can't wait to get in my new house!!! Hmm,I think I say this in one form or another in the last several blog entries...


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till you get your new house either!
Aunt Liz