Sunday, December 25, 2005

I haven't given in to pressure, I was just thinking of you!

Ok, I did not give in to xmas pressure! I didn't! But I was thinking of everyone I was going to see at Christmas and I've been in bed a lot lately with my feet up (stupid swollen ankles) so I was getting bored. Since I'm seeing everyone in a few hours and I highly doubt you'll be checking the blog this early I took a pic of the beadlings I made and will put it here so everyone else can see them. I love beading! It's so detailed and fun! I've started improvising on some of the patterns in the book and playing around with colors. I made an angel for my mom yesterday to wear on her lapel, and a fairy for Liz to wear. Wish I had pics of those, they were really neat colors. Liz helped me pic the colors and branch out from only doing the white and irridescent ones like the book.

Here's the pic.

I did specific colors for everyone too while I was thinking of them.
Purple with a hint of green for Jessica because those are her favorite colors.
Pink with a hint of blue for JM, because she has a new granddaughter all the way up in Canada and Nicky of course is on the way.
Green for Maryellen, because I just know she's going to be giving Nicky a cousin in the relatively near future and I just don't know if it will be a boy or a girl yet.
Blue with white for Donna who is absolutely thrilled to be having her first grandson in March!

For the boys though I thought angels (or fairies, did you notice the new wings I did on Donna and Maryellen's?) were a bit girly for them, so I thought of something else. They were both a lot more complex, and I had to fiddle with the colors a bit since I didn't have enough of the 'right' beads to do them, but I think they're neat.

For Charles, who has been plagued by screen-eating grasshoppers, a grasshopper that will NEVER chew on his screens!
For Scot, who will be a wonderful daddy someday in the relatively near future, a seahorse. They are only one of the naturally wonderful fathers out there! (But I promise you won't actually have to give birth to your baby Scot!)

Anyway, I hope they like them, even though they're really not xmas gifts, but just more like tangible thoughts I guess.

Merry Christmas everybody!