Friday, December 02, 2005

The Nursery

Ok, this must be some kind of record...two posts in like, 30 minutes! LOL!

Ok, I just had Tom scan the mural design that I did. I've shown it to Tom's mom, who is the one that will be doing the mural, and she seems to like it, well she didn't laugh or anything so I'm taking that as a good sign. :)

Here's the mural design.

There are two different bedding designs I'm debating on, here's both. What do you think?

One Little Froggy
Sammy The Frog

I like that they're simple and won't dictate too much to the rest of the room design, like the murals and wall art. We'll only be getting the bedding and perhaps the hamper. The curtains, wall art, lamps, diaper thingy and all we'll probably skip.

I like the colors in the One Little Froggy one best, but that's really hard to tell for sure from a picture online. I like the stylized frog in the Sammy the Frog design best, but I can just use that for the mural.

The crib and any other furniture will be white. And we're pretty sure the floor in the new house will be linoleum with a darker wood plank design. Kind of a darker oak finish if I remember right. We'll probably get an area rug for the baby's room though. I'll get some kind of chair, glider or rocker, but no clue about what that will look like yet. The only one I really loved so far was a huge chair that swiveled and rocked and was covered in red toile. Weird. It was also $600.00 (insert laugh here).

This is going to be so much fun! Now if I can just GET the house!!


Anonymous said...

Mom and I both like the 'One little Froggy' the best! It's so cute! And so is your mural design. But don't make the alligator look too scary!