Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wherein I discuss swimming and sleeping

What's been going on here?

Well Nicky has started swimming lessons. We've been wanting to do this since last summer and we finally signed him up. He had his first lesson Monday and loved it! I'm hoping that this gives him some good practice following directions. He's been having trouble focusing and following directions at school. Well, really everywhere.

It's the same issue we've always had, but now that he's four he's expected to be able to focus and follow instructions better. I don't think he's being willfully disobedient, I think he really just gets uber-distracted. It might be ADD as that does seem to run in my family, but I'm reluctant to have him tested and diagnosed this young. I don't think diagnosis would be appropriate yet and a label at this age wouldn't help him anyway. We'll just watch it and see if we can work on it.

Anyway, at swimming lessons Monday he had a good example of why we follow directions...he fell into the pool when he shouldn't have been. Luckily the teacher got to him quickly. His near-drowning didn't seem to make him fear the water which is good, but hopefully it brought home how important it is to be safe near the water and to listen to the teacher.

I'll send the camera with Tom tomorrow so he can take some photos. I wish I could be there too, but taking the girls and I along would be really hard and I'm not feeling up to driving him myself.

In fact, as an example of my sleep deprived state, Monday morning about 6am I finished feeding the girls, changed them and put Gabi in the crib and Lily in the swing. Nana is visiting us, and she was awake so I went into the kitchen to grab a bite and work on my homework. At the next feeding, Gabi woke up first and so I was breastfeeding her. I sent Nana in to get Lily and start waking her up for her turn. Well guess what Nana found? Lily was soaking wet...so was the swing. Odd. Hm, her onesie is un-snapped. And oh look...no diaper!

Yep. Somehow I'd managed to take off the old diaper, wipe her off, and then totally skip that important step of putting on the new diaper. Lovely.

Well that was a hint that maybe I needed to get a little more sleep. So after Tom returned from taking Nicky to swim lessons and school I took a nap. A 5.2 hour nap! It was great. I woke up for dinner. Did my homework. Fed a baby. Put Nicky to bed. And then took another nap! A 3.3 hour nap. That's 8.5 hours of sleep. It was awesome.

So now I just fed the babies their 1:30 feeding and put them down to sleep at 3am. And I was awake enough to post.

Now we'll see if I can grab another hour or so of sleep and maybe I can make it to the postpartum luncheon tomorrow. Tom's got to take Nicky to swim lessons and school, but I'm hoping Nana can take the girls and I to the luncheon. It would be nice to get out. I haven't left the house since the 18th.

Hey, I have a few photos for you:

Cuddles abound. Nicky has Gabi and Tom has Lily:
Cuddles- Nicky has Gabi

Nicky is such a good big brother. Here he's feeding Gabi:
Nicky feeding Gabi

It's hard to tell them apart, but we can finally do it!

The trick seems to be that their ears are slightly different. Each has a little bump on the upper outside of one ear. Nicky and I have this same bump. I actually have it on both ears, but the girls have them on opposite ears. Lily's is on the right, Gabi's is on the left. It seems to be a reliable way to tell them apart right now. But really, other than that...it's a total crapshoot.


Twin Dude Mama (formerly Pregnant Lady) said...

That's too funny about the diaper! I'm glad that you were able to get some sleep. My husband and I take shifts so we each usually get an uninterrupted 5-6 hours but it's never enough.

Your girls are so cute! Gald u have Nicky to help feed them :) I didn't realize that they were identicals!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Thanks for posting more pictures. I wan to come see them in person again. I'm still planning on the weekend of the 10th.

Love you guys,
Aunt Liz

Anonymous said...

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