Friday, July 09, 2010

Another quick update and a movie

Things are getting better and better. We have the girls on Zantac now for their reflux. They still spit up, but it doesn't hurt them so much now. This is helping at night especially.

Nicky's doing great. He really loves the girls and likes to hug, kiss and hold them. (With supervision of course.) He had some trouble at school lately with not following directions, but we took him off sugar and tightened up on his bedtime and he's done much better this week. He also just finished his swimming lessons for the summer. He's still not quite a swimmer, but he did really well in his class. We'll put him in lessons again next summer.

I'm trying to keep my head above water with my coursework and I have to go back to work this coming Friday. Ack! Not sure how we're going to manage that. We might take Nicky out of school for a while and have him go back for VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) in August when it starts to give him a little break. That might make it easier to work out transportation since we only have one car. We'll see.

A movie for you! The girls were chilling in the pack and play between bottles while Tom gave Nicky a bath.

Lily is on the left here:


Twin Dude Mama (formerly Pregnant Lady) said...

So cute! How do you get the girls to keep the pacifiers in their mouths when they're so young?

Angela said...

lol, putting them together like this so that they hold in each other's binkies is the only way. Well other than putting them on their tummies occasionally. But I try to only do that when I'm sitting right there watching them. "Back to sleep" and all you know. ;)