Thursday, July 22, 2010

Need sleep

Finally. Ok, stomach flu is NOT the way I recommended getting more sleep. I had it from Saturday through Monday. Tom got it Tuesday and Wednesday. Now if we can just end it there that'd be good. I do not relish the thought of having sick babies with stomach flu.

Tomorrow is the girls' 2 month pediatric appointment. This is the biggie. They get their first shots. Double the needles, double the screams, double the tears. Not really looking forward to that. But Tom and I will both be there and so can both hold a baby immediately afterward at least.

We're guessing the girls weigh at least 10 lbs each, possibly 11. They'll be exactly 9 weeks old.

Our big question for the pediatrician is how we can get these girls sleeping at night! They were up to eat last night at 10:10, 12:10, 2:10 and 4:10. And since a feeding takes at least an hour, often two hours, that was a night of NO SLEEPING. Even once I got Gabi to sleep at 5:30, Lily still wouldn't settle down. I grabbed maybe an hour of sleep after that before getting up for work. Maybe.

That's right. Work. As in, paid work. I've gone back to work full time as of last Friday. I'm still finishing up my last two grad school classes too. Yeah, glutton for punishment right here. But I'll be done in about two weeks with my master's in library science degree. And then I'll just have work and family to contend with. No problem right?

Mostly I'm looking forward to having some time to do some fun reading for a change. Not a lot of course, but all the time I have to spend on homework now will be freed up. Of course some of that might be extra sleep time if I'm lucky.

In the meantime though, the mission is to get these babies sleeping at night. We're looking for a second swing too. Hopefully a free hand-me-down swing. We don't have the room for it, so it will totally be in the way, but I DO NOT CARE! Anything to get some sleep.


Twin Dude Mama (formerly Pregnant Lady) said...

Hey Angela, I'm so sorry that you were sick and aren't getting any sleep AND you're going back to work. That's a trifecta right there!!

The boys had their 2 mos shots last week and it's really not so bad. They only cried for a minute. Same thing with a friend's baby who had their shots recently. It hurts you more than them.

Swings don't seem to work for our boys, and we have the exact same issues with them. My husband and I take shifts so we can get sleep. One thing I found that works is putting them in a carrier and walking around with them for about 10 minute. I have a Baby Bjorn and a Snugli. Both are good but I prefer the Bjorn - much more ergonomic but still hurts my back some (I have a bad back). They fall asleep in there and it's pretty predictable.