Thursday, July 29, 2010

So close to being DONE

Hang in there. I've got one more paper due and then I'm DONE with my second masters degree. Thank goodness! I can't wait to cross school off my to-do list.

More posts will surely come when I'm not trying to do work, school and family.

In the meantime, we did the girls' two month pediatric visit. They are doing great. Lily was exactly 10lbs and Gabi was 10lbs 5oz. We did the shots. Not fun, but we had two nurses come in so they could both be done at one time. Three shots each. Poor babies. They quieted down well though. I had Gabi and Tom had Lily. They both first went beet red before the screaming started.

We talked with the doctor about our idea for getting their sleeping at night working better. She agreed with the plan of waking them to feed every 2 hours during the day. She said they should get about 32oz of formula a day, so we're trying to do most of that in the day and only one feeding in the middle of the night. If we really stick to the schedule (which is freaking hard) then it kind of works.

We were able to get a glider from a friend at work last week, and the next day Nana bought the girls a travel swing, and then two days after that another friend from work brought us another swing. This last one is the exact model we already had, and it's really working well! Lily likes the glider ok sometimes, and for awake time the travel swing works, but for sleeping the two matching swings are pretty hard to beat.

Nicky is off on an adventure at Nana's house. They just left today and will be gone about a week. They're going to the museum, the aquarium, the beach, etc. He's going to have an absolute blast. So I don't feel too guilty telling you that although we miss Nicky already we're feeling like we're on vacation with only having two babies at home right now!