Friday, September 25, 2009

And the merry go round goes round

And another week passes without a post.

Nicky's fish is all but forgotten. Tom almost replaced him, but decided against it. I think we'll wait for a few years before we get another little, vulnerable pet. Nicky does better with pets that can take his heavy-handed affection.

School is back to being a big pain in my butt. I'll be up tonight and tomorrow finishing up another assignment. Along with Tom. This leaves Nicky and his Nana to fend for themselves tomorrow. The plan is for Nana to take him for a haircut. He's getting pretty shaggy and he has school photos on Tuesday.

Monday we're taking him to the pediatrician. We're getting his vision and hearing screened and we're going to talk with the doctor about Nicky's behavior issues at school. Nicky already snores a bit, and with our family histories of sleep apnea (did I mention that Tom is now diagnosed too?) we're on high alert. We'll talk about it with the doctor though. Sleep apnea in kids sometimes displays as ADD/ADHD symptoms, so maybe that could be a contributing factor.

But then again, he is THREE you know? I mean, how much should we really be expecting from him? Right now he's failing "nap time" at school. Which to be honest sounds totally stupid. He gave up naps about a year ago. And the only nap he kept after he turned 2 was his late afternoon nap from about 3-5pm. Right now they expect him to nap for 1.5 hours starting at noon. I just don't see it happening. Tom and I have a meeting scheduled with the teacher next week to discuss it. I think they're going to need to make some accommodations for him. We'll see what the teacher says to that though.

It's awful how quickly all your parenting confidence can go spiraling down into the abyss of doubt. A month ago I was convinced we were awesome parents, putting him in the very best school that money could buy. And now I'm worried that he's in too strict an environment and maybe they are crushing his spirit.

Can we stop this ride? I'd like to get off.


Jann said...

I hear you on how quickly the confidence can go out the window. I am right with you!

Angela said...

Well we went to the pediatrician today and everything checked out fine with Nicky. We'll still watch him for sleep apnea, of course, because of his family history. But his hearing was fine.

Basically the pediatrician said he's THREE. And she also suggested the teacher make some accommodations for him so that he can do something quietly on his mat during nap time. She said it's important for him to have some down time, but not to nap since he's getting enough at night. And while he can't be disturbing the other kids, he needs something to do.

Tom and I have a meeting with the teacher tomorrow and we'll see how that conversation goes.