Thursday, September 03, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

We're heading out tomorrow to visit the North GA crew. Nicky has been talking about Georgia and Aunt Jessie nonstop since April, so it's about time.

I have no qualms about telling the internets that we'll be away since we have a house/pet sitter coming to stay, and she has a big, scary husband. Not actually kidding either, his nickname is Mad Max, and lives up to it. Nicky loves him though and not scared of him in the least. I think he thinks Max is a real pirate.

Anyway, the original plan was to hit GA right at peak blueberry time. But apparently there isn't really anything on the blueberry trees this year. (Yes, they are blueberry trees. We don't have bushes. Although from what I hear my dad is busily pruning a few of the 15ft trees into bushes so that you can actually reach the berries.) So I'm a little bummed about that. But I happen to know they have a freezer FULL of berries from years gone by, so I'll be getting my yearly dose of antioxidants in any case.

And I'll have loads of photos when I get back I'm sure.

The chickens have grown up,
Nicky loved feeding Grandpa's chickens

there's a tractor to ride,
Going for a tractor ride!

and cousins to play with! This time there will be even more kids to play with. Nicky's going to have a ball.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at the little map showing where people are from that are looking at your blog. We found it interesting that someone at the end of the earth (Tierra del Fuego) was interested in you. We found in mildly alarming that someone in Iran was interested in you, probably their president Amadenajab sounds like "I'm a nut job" according to Jay Leno.

But what was most alarming was that someone in the very heart of the Russian empire was interested in you. I'm talking right at Red square, probably Vladimir Putin but maybe Medvedev. I checked the satellite view myself!

:::twilight music plays in background:::

(humor disclaimer to ease any hurt feelings)

Love, your paranoid mildly redneck father (and another who wishes to remain anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Please post new stuff from your newest trip. Love ya!!!


Angela said...

Face it Dad, Nicky and I are famous! lol