Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Germ Factory

Two days at preschool and Nicky's running a fever tonight. We're alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen for him. He says his "eyeballs hurt" and asks me to kiss them. Poor little boy. He's going to be so sad to hear he can't go to school tomorrow. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow and be able to go to school on Thursday.

I'm sure this is just one in the twenty-bazillion bugs we'll be fighting each year now that Nicky's visiting the Germ Factory each day.

His second day went well though. He went potty again in the potty although not #2. He saved that for the diapers. He didn't eat much lunch though. And he didn't nap again. We're not sending any binkies with him to school so naptime might be hard for him for a while. But if he can learn to nap there without them we just might wean him off them soon.

He has a Valentine's Day party on Friday that Tom's going to attend with him. He's got to have valentines cards and bring some kind of treat to share. What fun! Hopefully Tom will take a photo or two.


burton said...

Poor little guy. Tyler is almost 10 now and hardly ever gets sick. He was always getting sick in preschool up until kindergarten. It felt like we were always scrambling to get coverage when he had to stay home. Then it just went away. Immunity rocks - once you get there.

Anonymous said...

Nicky! Grammie is so proud of you!!!
I know you will have lots of fun in Preschool and your classmates will enjoy your companionship as well.
I love the new pics of you---wow! you look so good even wearing outside dirt! :)
Tell your parents I am very proud of them for being brave enough to let you go to preschool already. I look forward to being with you all very soon and seeing and hearing all about your wonderful new experiences and new school buddies, too.
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooGrammie :)