Thursday, February 12, 2009

And I thought sharing was a good thing

We kept Nicky home on Wednesday to get over his fever. He was pretty good all day, but continuously told Tom he needed to go to school. Thursday morning Tom was playing it by ear to see how he was feeling and ended up taking Nicky to school. He talked with the teachers and they checked his temp which was normal even though he felt hot if you touched him. But he seemed fine so they said they'd keep an eye on him and call if there was any problem.

Around 1pm Tom got the call to come get him. The fever is back and it's over 100 so that means he's going to be missing his Valentine's day party. His teacher said they'd make a bag for him to have Monday though. He's going to be so sad to miss school again already. He loves it so much. But I guess it'll take some time for him to build up his immunities.

As far as sharing goes, he's got it down pat. Tom's sick and this evening I feel it hitting hard in my eyeballs and sinus. I can see what Nicky meant when he said his eyeballs hurt. Very good description.