Monday, August 25, 2008

Fay is finally gone away

Well, we made it fine. LOTS of rain, but we're high enough that we didn't have any problems. We'll have to drain the pool and clean out all the leaves and junk before we can use it again, but that's fine.

I'd taken Wednesday and Thursday off to have some visiting time with my mom. We made it out of the house on Wednesday, but then we were confined to the house Thursday through Saturday. We made a break for the store on Saturday between storms, and then not 30 minutes after we returned we actually had the most violent storm yet.

Tom's patch on the roof held well and there aren't any more leaks into the bedrooms, so that's a relief. Our actual roof repair job will be rescheduled since they're really busy right now fixing storm damage on other homes and it'll probably be raining Friday anyway (that's when they were going to come originally).

So I finally got to go to work today, after 5 days off! Wow that was a LONG weekend! And what do I get in my Twitter feed?

Oh that's just perfect. Well, at least we won't have to worry too much about this one till next week.